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So much more than just a meal plan!

This is a life changer

Are you fed up with trying all the latest fads and diets and not getting anywhere?

Would you like to lose up to14 pounds of body fat in just 6 weeks?

Losing that hated body fat isn't just about trying to eat less calories, its about eating at the right times, the right amount of the right food which can be hard work.

Let us do all the hard work for you whilst you enjoy the results.

Every meal, every snack we have planned for you for 6 weeks.

Open your shopping list each week, shop, prep and enjoy our delicious meals and just watch the fat disappear.

Let us kickstart your weightloss journey



6 Week Get Shredded Food Plan


6 Week Body Transformation


What you get

  • 6 Week food plan

  • Every Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

  • Easy to follow and prepare recipes

  • Fully colour pictures

  • Serving information plus macro and calorie content each meal

  • Weekly Shopping Lists

  • Family friendly meals

  • Healthy versions of all those naughty favourites like Pizza, Curry and Fish and Chips

  • Follow for 6 weeks for guaranteed weight loss

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