Starting at 10 stone 2 lbs . in 4 weeks I lost 11lbs Gained 1kg lean muscle and lost 9cm off my hips and 7cm of my thighs and my weight loss as continued since and I am now over a stone in weight lighter.


As well as losing a 14lbs in weight and improvement to body shape, I can’t believe how different I feel – more energy, less tired and I no longer get the sugar highs and lows. This has helped reduce my stress levels too.

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What I have loved about the Food Plan is learning a new way of cooking. The meals are very family friendly, varied and flavoursome. I have not only lost 10lbs in 4 weeks with the Food Plan but by also using the Online Training App I have totally changed the way I exercise.

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The food plan is great I lost 14lbs in 4 weeks. I never thought I would enjoy doing free weights in the gym. Using the app has given me a lot more confidence to get the right technique and improve my strength and fitness goals.
I have certainly learnt it is not just about cardio.

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