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One Month Meat 🍗 To Vegan 🌱 Video Blog

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

One month meat to vegan
Is Vegan Best?

After watching the Game Changers documentary on Netflix (a must see if you train hard) we agreed we are going to trial going Vegan for one month from 1st November.

This program not only shows why we don't need animals for food but also how we can improve our health and fitness on a plant based diet.

As Personal Trainers we need to know we are giving our clients the best advice possible for their health and fitness goals.

The evidence is growing and compelling that we need to make changes in the way we look at the food we consume.

We will be doing this in a scientific way for a full month with before and after results tracking including:

1. Advanced fitness blood screening

2. Blood Pressure and heart rate readings

3. Fitness, strength and endurance comparison testing

4. Weight, body fat % and tape measurements

5. Sleep and mood patterns

6. Energy and recovery

Follow our progress here or on our Personal Training Facebook page

@ActiveFitUK . or on Instagram activefituk

Before Vegan

Day 1: Breakfast

Tofu Quiche

Fitness Tests


Overnight oats

Milk for Tea & Coffee

Eating out:

So today we were invited out for a family Sunday lunch, this is usually a case of us turning up at the restaurant and enjoying whatever we fancy on the day.

Today however we searched out the menu online before we went to ensure they had vegan options (they did 👏🏻👏🏻) .

Has a rule a Sunday lunch out would usually be a Carvery with all the trimmings so we thought today would be a challenge but surprisingly it wasn't.

We ordered spicy bean burgers which were really good and although we didn't order dessert they also had vegan desserts to choose from.

We enjoyed our meal and after a lovely family catch up we left happy with full bellies.

So eating out vegan style passed the test👍🏻

Day 4: more food prep, feeling positive!

Day 6: Feeling sore!

Day 7: The Naked Chef

Day 9: Meal 4 of 6

Day 12: 25g Of Protein Per Serving

Day 13: Silken Tofu

Day 15: Half Way

Day 24: Burger Time

Day 26: What The Cluck

Day 29: Amazing Sausages

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